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Back in 1988, the Miami InterCulinary Center (MICC) entered the wholesale market with the introduction of a South Florida/Caribbean product line of exotic tropical fruit and citrus products, and thus Floribbean was born. The Public interest in tropical fruits has increased all over the world and permeates the gourmet food business internationally. Key Lime Juice and Oil, sauces/salsas, chutneys, jellies, and marmalades have been carefully made from the finest Floribbean products... MICC's response to this current interest.

Floribbean's management team, is committed to principles of quality, esthetics and to providing products that are perfect in freshness, texture, taste, and presentation of each product.

All pure natural ingredients, the romance of high seas and tropical flavors have been formulated to create this unique line of refreshing full bodied, conserves to delight and enrapture todays consumers. The pure flavor of the fruit is pointed to on the ingredients section of the label by being listed first. An example: 16 oz. of fresh mangos are steamed to reduce water content and heighten natural flavor to produce 11 oz. of mango Marmalade with rum, every 12 oz. bottle of our 100% natural key lime requires 2 lbs of expressed fruit. No artificial preservatives are used.

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