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A very creative group - Miami InterCulinary Center (MICC) – entered the specialty foods arena with a line of all natural exotic products called FLORIBBEAN (Floribbean/ Caribbean).

They have reached into Florida/Caribbean cuisine and produced the tastiest jellies, marmalades, savories, candy, coffee and The Real Key Lime Cookies. All their products, names and the spectacular packaging bespeaks about this tropical gourmet flavors.

FLORIBBEAN, a leader in the field of tropical Caribbean jam, jellies and savories, made their international debut at Harrods of London in June of 1988, as a Taste of Florida. Chosen by Florida’s Department of Commerce, they were showcased as a line of products of high quality, blending spicy Caribbean flavors with a more subtle taste of Florida's native citrus & spices. MICC has continued an exaltation of the area’s natural resources; sand, seas, sky, flora and, yes, Caribbean produce for the last twenty nine years!

FLORIBBEAN is Miami – Miami is the center of FLORIBBEAN!

The product line using only tropical fruits and citrus, contain such unique creations as Mango-Mango salsa, Key Lime Calypso Dip, Key Lime Island Salsa (with pineapple), Keylimehot Pepper Jelly, Papaya Mamey Preserves, and Carambola Marmalade. Their hot line contains the rich flavor of each citrus or fruit which is surprisingly followed by a tingling pepper aftermath, "A burst of heat so refined in its formulation that an accentuated taste is a lingering palate experience." There is fascination and adventure awaiting the consumer of these unique products... Oh!!! Their new fame is with such unusual tastes as Key Lime Mustard Sauce and the all new formulated Real Key Lime Cookies.

There is only one real Key Lime products line with real Key Lime Cookie, and that's FLORIBBEAN!!!!

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e-mail: info@floribbeanproducts.com
Phone: 786-408-9555